Oh where, oh where is Malta?

Malta, Malta, oh where oh where is Malta? Somewhere in the Mediterranean; actually 50km south of Sicily. My interest piked. My grandparents were from Italy, and one grandfather from Sicily. To find another island in close proximity! How exciting! Because Italians live for their food, I was interested in what types of food you’d find in Malta. Sure enough, there were some familiar sounding words:  fish in pasta sauces, sponge like desserts, kinnoli stuffed with ricotta, and a sugary paste of crushed and whole almonds.

In Malta, the fish in the pasta sauces are squid and octopus.  Not that I am familiar with such dishes.  But interestingly, my other half just made a pasta dish topped with “sawdust”, which is breadcrumbs mixed with sardines, anchovies, and sauce. My Aunt Anne  passed the recipe onto her 4 boys, and yes, her father (my grandfather), Nunzio, was from Sicily.

Kinnoli, richly stuffed with ricotta, can be found around the  US if you look for it. And the sugary sweet almond candy is one I so remember from my childhood. I recently tasted this sweet dessert again when I found it in a restaurant called Eataly, in New York City. It is called  Torrone, but in Malta it is known as Helwa-tat-Tork.I do imagine they are very similar in taste and texture.

A favorite dessert in both Malta and Italy.

A favorite dessert in both Malta and Italy.

There is another very appealing reason why I’d seriously consider traveling to Malta: the language. They have 2 official languages: Maltese, and English! Yes, English, I know how to speak the language. And that makes for an easier and more enjoyable time.



Determination…one of the most important qualities a person can possess!

Science, Books and Silly Things

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas A. Edison

That’s basically it!

Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep on fighting. Keep trying and you will be closer to what you want to achieve in life. If you want it, and if it’s worth it, then it probably will not be easy. But when you achieve it… Well… You will probably enjoy it more than you thought you would.

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Pink Panther Calls

Here we go again. It’s 7:30, have had my first cup of coffee, and I’m operating on a 2 hr. Delay. Great. I can leisurely get ready for work, have my morning PBJ , and water my neglected plants. Thoughts interrupted. Pink Panther sings on my cell.  “School is now officially closed.”  Uh oh, tick-tock, tick-tock. Time comes to me today.  Oh, lucky me!

Pink panther

Oh, Sweet Waterfall!

As I think about the writing challenge/ice-water-steam my mind travels back three years ago to a place I have long left behind. Though I revisit this physical place every day, I am in a different mind set. My mind, heart and soul are light-hearted, joyful an laughter flows easily.   I work with the deaf and hard of hearing; what I always wanted to do;what I went to college for; my life long dream that is even written in black and white in my high school yearbook.

But before I entered this delightful place, I was in another place for a couple years not so happy. Oh yes, there were times of laughter and silliness, but there were also burdens too heavy to bare. I was walking on ice every day….without ice skates. Boy, it was hard. Ever try to do that? There’s no gliding, no spinning. It’s cold and every step is taken with extreme caution, lest I fall. Well, fall,I did. Right into the freezing water. But it was the best thing that happened to me. Who knew that letting go would be such a joyful free fall? I was able to let go of what was so important to me at one time; the importance of being in charge. And I have now embraced the importance of acceptance; accepting my own human limitations. I have received in return my energy, time, freedom, and family. Oh, sweet waterfall! I now enjoy the beauty of life, a true free spirit!

Below are pictures of Rickets Glenn State Park, where I spent a lovely day hiking and enjoying the many waterfalls with my long time friend and husband, Tim.