Finding Love

      Video by Underground Pilots.

      The following poem was inspired by the Bordner Cabin Video.  And the fact that all is quiet in my home.

I long for a slower pace,

Six or seven days on retreat

In a cabin in the woods

Would do me just fine.

Take in all the sensations

Breather deeply fresh, crisp air

Warm sunshine; earthy smells

Surrounded  by trees that climb to the blue

And house the birds beyond what I can see.

To quiet my mind and follow

My slow, steady breath

Until my heart is quiet, too.

And I am present to the now,

To all stillness within me

That whispers love.

Yes, I am loved, I am loved.

In silence I find Love.

sharon younes,


Reflections on Bringing Her Home

“One Happy Lady!”
        July, 2015

Jenna is placed in our arms at Portland Airport, March 14, 1994.

Jenna is placed in our arms at Portland Airport, March 14, 1994.

Reflections on Bringing Her Home

I am a Christian
And I believe in God.
I have known Him for a long time
But He has known  me forever.
No, He is not a figment
Of my imagination.
His presence was so strong
 One difficult Christmas Eve
That I had to turn my head
To see if He were physically
Joining us at the dinner table.

No, He was not physically there,
But I knew He was with us.

His presence and support
Were what carried us through
As we waited for the U.S. government
To allow our little girl
To enter our country
And become our daughter.

Oh what joy we had
When she was placed in our arms.
March 14, 1994
In Portland, Maine, U.S.A.
Driving home, what a haul
Stopping over night to get some sleep
A dresser drawer became her crib
And the crying did not stop.
So wide-awake at 4:00 a.m.
We packed the car again
For six more hours
with a six month old
Oh, how the car smelled of formula
when we pulled into the driveway
 in Camp Hill, PA.

She had some nicknames,
Like “Energizer Bunny”
For her never-ending energy
She became Houdini one day
Squirming out of her bouncer
All by herself.
Jennifer Huong Younes
Soon became Jenna
And the short name
Fit petite Jenna perfectly.

She smiles all the time
And has a pleasant disposition.
“She is one happy baby”
I remember Tim saying.
She wakes up every morning
With a smile on her face
And she sings for hours on end.
Not a baby anymore,
She still loves to laugh
And make others smile
She continues to be
One happy lady.”

I helped a bird today

Catbird on a Cage

I helped a bird today, a gray catbird, that is. He was in my garden, flitting around the tomato cages. As I watched, I saw him tug on some string. It was white kite string I had used last spring to hold the tomato vines in place. They were knotted here and there on the rungs of the  cages. He tugged and tugged, but with no success. Oh, I thought, he needs some help. So I walked over and he flew away. It took me about two minutes to get the tiny knot untied. There you go, little bird, come back and get your string. And he did, without a doubt!

Only One Person


The following poem was inspired by my mother,

 who used to yell at pivotal moments
 at my father, “Frank, I am only one person!”

My mother, Carolyn Caeti

I am only one person.
One mind, one heart, one soul
Two hands, two feet,
Two eyes to see,
Two ears to hear
And then to touch and taste
And smell yellow roses
And other such things
That come and go
And constantly flow
In and out and round about
My very being and soul
To put a stop
 To the endless thoughts
 Glance up at Me to see
My presence in your sight!

Befriend Yourself

Beautiful hibiscus in bloom, summer, 2013

Beautiful hibiscus in bloom, summer, 2013

I awoke this morning and looked out the window. There were those white dancing flakes again. I tried to work on a poem I started a couple weeks ago when the green, green grass appeared. But Mother Nature was not cooperating. So I chose to share this poem written by St. Teresa of Avila, a mystic who happened to be born some five hundred years ago today.  Her poem spoke to me of love of self, kindness and caring towards one’s very being. It is an important quality to aspire to; that of being a friend to yourself.  In finding your inner “friend”, you can find God.


Just these two words He spoke changed my life,

“Enjoy Me.”

What a burden I thought I was to carry –

a crucifix, as did He.

Love once said to me, “I know a song,

would you like to hear it?”

And laughter came from every brick in the street

and from every pore

in the sky.

After a night of prayer, He

changed my life when

He sang,

“Enjoy Me”.

– Teresa of Avila

taken from

Fighting Back to Back

Virtues fighting vices, stained glass window (14th century) in the Niederhaslach ChurcH

Virtues fighting vices, stained glass window (14th century) in the Niederhaslach Church

 Virtues and Vices
Fighting back to back
Struggling to dominate
And be the one to win.
Purposeful intentions
Easily slip by
The busy mind and heart.

Vices those habits
We like at the start
They weigh us down
Cumbersome, heavy
Thief of money and time
Reputation and energy
In a not so easy knot
Tangled and drawn tight

Virtues build character
Light, strong and free
Lifts up what surrounds
Carries it oh so high
Extends to community
Rejoices with the good
Strives to give away
That which is love.