The Hobbler

The following poem was a prompt from Poetry 201: Journeys, Limericks and
Alliteration. The content was inspired from a phone conversation I had with a dear high school friend.


The Hobbler

Hobble wobble, wobble, hobble
Hobble up the stairs and bobble
To and fro
It is sooooo slow
To hobble wobble as a bobble.

Up the stairs and in the house
Slowly teeny tiny mouse
Could be quicker
That’ll cause a bicker
From the hubby in the house!

Hobbler wobbler clutches to crutches
Sneezes, reaches for the hutches
What did you do?
Bobbled and broke the blasted crutches

So patience appears to latch right on
There’s no way to go except to con
The boredom of another day
Kiss it good-bye and send it away
Along with the wide mouth of your yawn!

Bored again?  Time to listen
Take a look, what is missin’?
Sight and sound
Are the Playground
Where a light-hearted life is a kissin’!


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