“Hello, Good Morning”

wpid-20150202_154632.jpgIt’s 7:31am. I grab my purse, my lunch bag and my keys and walk quickly through the frigid laundry room to the garage. I open my car door and practically throw my paraphernalia on the passenger’s seat. Starting the cold,but tolerable Toyota, I back out and start my 36 minute commute to an out of the way, but fun elementary school. East Hanover.  Keeping up with traffic, I find myself sometimes sandwiched in-between semi- trucks, and sometimes slowing down to a crawl.  As I buzz along, I listen to the Sun Rise Morning Show, 7.20 am.wpid-20150202_154628.jpg

I travel Route 81 for approximately 20 minutes before taking my exit, Manada Hill.  I bear right, then soon take a wide left onto Jonestown Rd.  The next 7 minutes are relaxing, quiet enjoyment.  I drive past farms, a Cedar of Lebanon Retreat Center, and rustic looking homes.  The road twists and turns, up and down hills, up and down again.  I turn onto Sandbeach Rd.  On my left hand side, I am greeted every morning by four horses. They are in close approximation to the fence that is parrellel to the road. On any given morning, they are soaking in the sun or perhaps the blue-gray sky.  Or they are grazing. “Hello, horses, Good Morning!” They are quiet,  still, or on the move. They are beauty.  They are horses.


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